DNA Frosty Fish Fibres

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If there is single synthetic Fly tying material that has a been a big part of my history and reputation  with saltwater Fly Tying it has to be FFF. It is the core of the Livebait fly . I have still yet to find any material that has the same '' sheen'' in the water that it does , it has zero flash and sparkle but it reflects light and seduces fish into making big mistakes - AG

LIvebait Fly - DNA Broadsides - DNA Sprats 

This Mylar material is in 1/'32 inch strands - 1000 strands per hank at 8.5 inches long. DNA's Holo Chromosome Flash can be blended with other materials, or indeed be used entirely on its own. This material emits just the right amount of flash so as not to be too bright, yet still glint enticingly. It also has a realistic translucency that enables it to blend with any fibre. Its mobility allows it to be used to tie a fly made entirely of Holo Chromosome Flash, creating realistic baitfish patterns.