Airflo Ridge GT Fly Line

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Airflo Ridge GT line was developed and field tested on Cosmoledo that should give us an idea of the kind of punishment these lines were intended for ! 

I used the 12 # GT line on my trips to the Seychelles . The line flies out . I was chucking giant 6/0 Poppers . The line had great turnover( or as much as you could hope for with Giant popper) It was stiff enough for the tropics but not too stiff. It has a 50 Lb core so I had confidence to give it everything when combined with 66 lb backing and 100 lb leader. I did however replace the weilded loops with 50 lb Gudebrod braided loops double nail knotted and glued. The weilded loops may be ok I just needed to be 100 % confident. The other nice thing about the Airflo ridge GT line is the price. 
Airflo GT Floater 12 #