Bug Bond 20 ml

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The original UV curing system 

I was  lucky enough to be included in trials of Bug Bond before it was launched and as soon as I had a good play with Bug Bond I put my epoxy in to the bin because it is just so much easier to use.

Its so easy to use and makes tying flies like saltwater flies and Predator flies simple.

Bug-Bond has been designed to be optically perfect and when cured correctly to have a tack free surface. Further benefits are that it is resistant to yellowing when exposed to sunlight and also has a degree of flexibility when cured.

A 20ml bottle of Bug-Bond includes a standard applicator.


Heres an old video of me tying with bug bond ( I look younger. I guess I was  !) 

The DNA Livebait Fly from Zen-Sportfishing on Vimeo.


***** BUG-BOND™ Lite: this material is much less viscous than Original and is close to a watery consistency or that of light engineering oil. Lite can be used to secure thread or bucktail part way through a tie to allow you to continue tying without building up a profile or use it as a varnish replacement. Use Lite alongside the BUG-BOND™ Professional UV Light for the finer applications.