Nayat Hair

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I regard this as one of the most exciting materials I have come across in the 11 years I have been running . During this process I grabbed a small hank of Light Olive Nayat hair , strapped it to the shank of a hook and had a great fly ready to fish an instant success ! I was excited about the potential to tie really nice tapered flies in an instant Nayat hair has a natural taper that I love for Baitfish patterns. It has a decent length at around 7 inches long. The patches are quite generous and would be comparable with my craft fur or Icelandic sheep patches.

The best thing or should I say yet another great feature about Nayat hair is what I would class as the bath tub tests . Some materials look great dry but then flare out of shape as soon as they hit the water. Nayat holds its shape and profile perfectly .

Nayat has the best features of Synthetics with the natural taper of animal hair I could describe it at EP fibres but better - Icelandic sheep but better.  

The potential for sandeel patterns is really exciting . Check out the Nayat eels and Sparse Olive Clouser tied with Nayat.

What more can I say !!

Please note that White is classed as Natural. Its an 'off white'' Halfway between white and cream.