Oz''s livebait Fly

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This is my original sandeel pattern and it has has been fine tuned and perfected in the field of battle since 2005 . This is the fly that I fish in the UK and USA 80 % of the time. Yes its boring but it keeps working .If you have fished with me in the UK or Cape Cod then I know you will know this fly !

It has accounted in excess of 5,000 fish .(Mostly Bass)  The latest lightweight version will suit anglers that fish skinny water , want less splash on landing or simply struggle with heavy flies.

Watch this fly come to life in the water and you will understand why we just keep using it. This fly has been nicknamed !!''LIVEBAIT''

If you fish smaller than size 1/0 hook for Bass you are setting yourself up of a world of pain . It took a few painful years for me to realise this !!

Tied on Daiichi 2546 Size 1/0  (Slight bendback style)
Olive over Ashwood Frosty Fish Fibres.
DNA Chromosome Body with epoxy
Evil Eyes RED RED RED !!!!